Adult Specialized Treatments

Adult receiving dental treatment

Orthodontics treatments, such as metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign, can benefit people of all ages and give them beautiful, perfectly-aligned teeth that will last for generations. However, many people tend to associate orthodontic appliances with children and young teens, and most often not, adults can tend to believe that they’re too old for proper treatment. We at Burns Orthodontics believe that’s not the case; many studies have shown that orthodontic treatments have numerous benefits to adults. That’s why our orthodontists offer specialized treatment plans for adults who wish to realign their teeth and gain a beautiful smile in the process.

Adult patient receiving dental care

Our Orthodontic Treatment Plans

Healthy teeth can move and shift at any age, and many of our orthodontic treatments can minimize the effects of those changes, and reverse them overtime. Orthodontists accurately diagnose, prevent, and treat facial irregularities, hence why we offer many treatment plans, including:

Braces – Braces are the most common fixed appliances, consisting of bands, wires, and brackets, to place pressure on the teeth over time and gradually move them to the proper position. Our options for braces include metal braces and clear braces. These can be applied with select fixed appliances for controlling the tongue position.

Aligners – A removable alternative to braces, aligners work to align and position teeth back into place without the permanent side effects that traditional braces bring. Invisalign’s our most popular choice because it allows patients the freedom to align their teeth without the discomfort of regular braces.

Jaw Repositioning Appliances – Jaw repositioning appliances, also called splints, these appliances are worn either on the top or lower jawline to train the jaw to close in a better position. These appliances are used for TMJ or temporomandibular disorders.

Palatal Expanders – These appliances widen the arch of the upper jaw, fitting over the roof of the mouth. It applies pressure through a plastic plate, which forces the roof of the mouth to open lengthwise. Palatal expanders work to apply outward pressure to widen the palatal area and realign the mouth and teeth to a proper position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a good fit for specialized adult treatment?

Adult specialized treatment focuses specifically on the dental and jaw bone effects that many adults experience, but don’t treat. At Burns Orthodontics, we will focus on giving you the most comprehensive care through our consultations and regular supervision. Contact us today at any of our various locations to get a free consultation.

How much does treatment cost?

Orthodontic treatment depends entirely on the type of treatment you need. Before any treatment begins, our orthodontists will gladly speak with you about the costs and payment plans we accept before any procedures.

Why choose Burns Orthodontics?

During your consultation, our orthodontists at Burns Orthodontics will determine which treatment plan is right for you. The cost of your orthodontics treatment will depend on many factors, including the severity and complexity of the problems you experience. We offer many payment and insurance plans and have the most comprehensive orthodontic care throughout the McMurray, Waynesburg, and Mt. Lebanon areas.