Child Interceptive Treatment

Orthodontic treatments help to restore proper oral function, fixing issues such as overbites, under-bites, crooked teeth, and jaw misalignment. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation at age seven. By this time, children will have received an initial dental check-up by their primary pediatric dentist. At age seven, the first adult or permanent teeth will come in. During this time, it’s crucial for a child to see their dentist check up on their teeth because their dental development can be highly impacted at this stage.

Our orthodontists at Burns Orthodontics are highly prepared and capable of diagnosing and treating early dental problems with our interceptive child treatments. We focus on giving our patients, big and small, a safe, compassionate, and authentic experience when they arrive at any one of our offices. Our interceptive child treatments work through a diligent process, as we always make sure to maintain and track the progress of all children who enter.

Our Early Interceptive Treatment Process:

Our child interceptive treatments aim to regulate the width of dental bone arches and provide enough space for the permanent teeth to arrive correctly. We prescribe interceptive treatments for these common oral problems, which include:

Protruding teeth – These teeth can protrude from habits such as sucking the thumb. Thumb sucking, if not disciplined, can lead to a risk of tooth injury or tooth loss.

Underbites and overbites – When the upper or lower teeth protrude, it can cause difficulties chewing, speech impediments, tight muscles, and higher chances of gum disease.

Crossbites – Crossbites can cause asymmetrical jaw growth, gum recessions, and excessive tooth wear if left untreated. Treatments such as braces and palette enhancers can help fix the crossbites and reform the mouth back to health.

Late loss of baby teeth – If baby teeth are still present, then it can become more difficult to correct at a later stage.

During the early treatment phase, our orthodontists will work with you and your children to prescribe the best treatment options. Our selection of braces, headgear, and aligners can help remove many of these common issues and diminish their effects in the future. We will also work to provide useful tips for removing bad habits, such as thumb sucking and poor oral hygiene.

Child biting finger with dental model

The Benefits of Early Interceptive Treatments

Child Interceptive Treatments provide numerous benefits for your child, including:

  • Determine your child’s future oral health
  • Correct bad habits such as thumb sucking
  • Correct bite problems
  • Guide the jaw growth to accommodate for the permanent teeth
  • Create a more pleasing smile
  • Prevent future dental corrections
  • Improve your child’s self-esteem

Have questions about our treatment options? Reach out to us! Burns Orthodontics serves the Mt. Lebanon, Waynesburg, and McMurray areas, and has a wide team of orthodontists here to help you and your child achieve a beautiful smile because we focus on family first. Contact us at any of our various locations by phone or email, and schedule an appointment today for a free consultation.