Clear Braces

Smile with Clear Braces

Clear braces offer a less visible cosmetic alternative to metal braces. They’re an excellent option for those who wish to have braces but want a less noticeable alternative, especially for those who cannot qualify for Invisalign. Our clear braces are made with clear brackets and minimal wires that adhere to the teeth and are highly resistant to staining and breakage. Discover how clear braces may be the answer for you.

How Our Clear Braces Work

Clear braces maintain the cosmetic aesthetic of clean, white teeth without the appearance of metal braces. Traditional metal braces can be noticeable with their metal brackets and wires. Clear braces work to remove the bulk but maintain the effectiveness of braces by predicting tooth movement and ensuring that the braces straighten teeth over time. Our braces don’t also treat misaligned teeth; they also handle a wide range of problems, including crowded teeth, malocclusion, and wide spacing in teeth.

Clear braces use side braces attached to memory wire, which reduces the number of pressure patients would generally feel from the elastic bands with metal braces. The sliding mechanism gradually tightens the teeth as they align into position, and patients typically experience less discomfort than with metal braces. What allows our braces to appear clear is the ceramic brackets. These brackets are made by matching the color of your tooth enamel, and when applied, blend in with the teeth for a more natural look. At Burns Orthodontics, our team of second-generation dentists and orthodontists can help achieve the look you desire with our clear braces treatment plans.

Woman smiling with clear braces

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are clear braces the same as Invisalign?

Clear braces and Invisalign braces are not the same. Invisalign braces don’t include any metal brackets or wires and are made of flexible plastic. Invisalign braces offer a discreet system for aligning teeth and provide corrections for overbites, under-bites, crowded teeth, and gaping teeth. However, depending on the severity of those conditions, Invisalign does not always work. Clear braces offer the same benefits and offer more variety for patients to receive straighter teeth.

Am I a candidate for clear braces?

To qualify for clear braces, your dentist will need to determine whether or not you need teeth adjustments. You might need braces if:

  • Your teeth look crowded or crooked.
  • Your jaw shifts constantly
  • You have an overbite or underbite
  • You have significant gaps in your teeth

These are a few examples of what many people experience when they have misaligned teeth, as these conditions can occur depending on the severity of your teeth case, and how your teeth have developed over time. Contact us today to qualify for clear braces!

Are clear braces more expensive than metal braces?

Clear braces can cost more to make than metal braces because they’re made of more expensive materials. However, clear braces offer numerous benefits to metal braces and Invisalign braces because they have the best of both worlds. Feel free to contact Burns Orthodontics at any one of our various locations if you have any questions regarding clear braces.